We founded Arborguy in 1999.  The idea was that there had to be an easier, faster & more efficient way to support newly planted trees.   The name change to Tree Frog Environmental Products reflects our increased focus on sustainability since then – in our manufacturing methods as well as our product attributes.

Commercial landscape contractors wanted a BETTER way of staking trees – one that eliminated the frustration and difficulty in the field with upright staking methods like fence posts, cables & wires that harmed the tree cambium.  Rebar, oak or pine stakes with arbor tie had issues, too.

Fence posts were difficult to install and even harder (and costlier) to remove.  Lodge poles rotted & broke within a few months.  And oak stakes & rebar tended to loosen or pull out of the ground completely after the first wind event.

To solve these problems, our team developed a better anchoring system with a new tensioning method, and focused on labor efficiency and healthier tree establishment – with an affirmative acceptance from the commercial contractor market.

Continued R&D through the years yielded the RBK series of rootball anchoring kits – the most sustainable on the market!

Not only do the anchor-boards biodegrade, but nursery trees that are anchored by their rootball more closely emulate naturally grown forest trees, encouraging the roots to catch up to the nursery tree’s larger crown and yield a balanced, established tree in the landscape.

Tree Frog Environmental Products is a minority-owned business with Amy Sellers as CEO. Its MISSION remains:

To help save time and money for Landscape Contractors, while using the most sustainable materials on Earth! 

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