About Tree Frog Environmental Products

Tree Frog Environmental Products was founded with an idea that there has got to be an easier, faster & more efficient way to support newly planted trees. Andrew Sellers, a staff expert with Tree Frog Environmental Products, and the commercial landscape contractors he was working with at the time collaborated on a BETTER way of staking trees. This new idea of staking trees came from frustration and difficulty they experienced in the field with upright staking methods. To solve this problem, they developed an anchoring system and invented a new tensioning method. Thus, a Company was born.

Tree Frog Environmental Products is a minority-owned business with Amy Sellers as President. Its MISSION remains “To help save time and money for Commercial Landscape Contractors.” Distribution centers across the country provide our tree staking kits to landscape contractors for commercial and residential planting projects.

Tree Frog Environmental Products manufactures all of its product lines in the United States using top quality, professional grade materials that have been developed since 1998. Our products are created for the purpose of supporting newly planted trees so that they remain straight and upright, allowing enough flexibility so that the tree’s roots and trunk grow and mature properly while the canopy sways naturally in the wind. Tree Frog Environmental Products’ “tool-free” tensioning method offers superior adjustability versus traditional upright staking methods.